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A look into my influences and experiences that shaped me in professional life.

In more depth

My career began in Silicon Valley in the mid-90's, a time of dramatic technological change and upheaval.  My experience in college and the Valley, led me to become a deep generalist, developing skills across a wide range of disciplines.  Today, I have nearly 25 years of design and development experience across a wide range of platforms, methods, and mediums.  I bring a strong blend of creative talent and leadership, backed by a deep level of technical knowledge and experience.  I've seen a lot in my time and I feel that gives me a unique perspective to MacGyver myself out of those tricky design and development challenges.  Above all else, I'm fanatical about the craft, and take pride in doing great work and producing results.

My work as a Design Lead and Platforms Director was about maintaining a consistent user experience across a variety of platforms, mediums, and technologies.  Today, the user experience flows between a large network of interconnected touch points and my role as a designer is advocating for the user and making the experience more seamless while balancing the business goals.  I have years of experience working with development teams and find that I do a good job balancing the needs of the visual and interactive design with the technical underpinning that hold it in place.

Throughout my career I've gone back and forth, focusing on different disciplines that leverage my extended skillset.  Part of that is my experience working for agencies as well being part of internal creative/engineering departments at corporations.  That, in addition to, my experience as both a visual/interactive designer focused on UI/UX and a web designer/developer in MarCom departments, gives me a unique perspective as a senior digital creative.  As a long time technologist, my interests and work have evolved with the changing face of digital design and I have been able to provide my unique experience across a wide of projects.  I have worked with companies like Intel, Nike, Microsoft, Xbox, InFocus, Netscape, HP, DAT, Arris, Netgear, Yahoo, JVC, GE, Activision, Fandango, Gravis/Kensington, 3dfx, ISI, the State of Oregon, and many more.

I hold a BA degree in Computer and Video Imaging (CVI) from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, California, which was the first school in the country to provide a computer imaging and animation degree.  I lived and worked in the South Bay Area for most of the early dot-com days and fell in love with the intersection of art, design, and technology.  The key principles of storytelling, the character's journey, and a desire to push boundaries are remarkably well suited for the complex, multi-pronged experiences that we shape for users across the web, multimedia, and gaming.  I am an avid digital sketcher and love to work visually as a way of laying out projects and designs.  I keep up on the latest design and technology trends and am always looking for better, more efficient ways of working digitally while improving myself.  I believe drawing is an essential skill for all designers.

I am married to the love of my life, Nancy Cuevas, an amazing artist and creative in her own right.  Together, we have two grown sons along with two crazy hound dogs and three cats.  We've been in Oregon for nearly twenty years and love living amongst all the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest.  I am a retro computer enthusiast and have a huge soft spot in my heart for vintage Commodore and Amiga computers.  My other interests include walking/hiking, drawing, home brewing, and helping my wife with her art studio.

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  • Desktop, Web, & Mobile UI+UX
  • Iconography, Illustration, Concept dev
  • Web design & front-end development
  • Identity and brand development
  • Wireframing, Mockups, Storyboarding, Information Architecture, UX patterns
  • Motion graphics & animation
  • Video editing & compositing, vFX, encoding, streaming
  • Digital photography, image acquisition, retouching; File and asset production
  • Solid communication, writing, & speaking skills


  • PHP, MySQL, CMF/CMS: ProcessWire, Wolf, WordPress
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS/jQuery
  • Frameworks: UIKit 3, Bootstrap 3/4, Vue
  • API & Data: JSON, XML
  • NPM & devOps tooling
  • Responsive email, analytics, eCommerce
  • Server Management, Cloud Infrastructure


  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Design + Video)
  • Adobe Xd, Balsamiq, Sketch/Lunacy
  • VSCode
  • Misc design + dev tools
  • Office 365, GSuite


Cogswell Polytechnical College
BA - CVI (Computer & Video Imaging)