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A look into my influences and experiences that shaped me in professional life.

In more depth

I am a senior-level, experienced visual and interactive designer with a background in UI, web, mobile, IPTV, A/V, and new media, with a strong focus on user-centered design principles. I have more than 25 years of design and development experience with 12+ years of UI/UX experience working with research and development teams. I bring a strong blend of creative talent and leadership, backed by a deep level of technical knowledge and experience.

As the Platforms Director for Thug Design I was responsible for ensuring a consistent design and user experience across various mediums and environments. I have worked as a Senior Visual and Interactive Designer for more than a decade, providing design and direction across a range of projects. I balance a strong creative aesthetic with a profound understanding of technology with deep insights into Web, desktop, mobile, and TV applications.

I have done design work for companies like Intel, Nike, Microsoft, InFocus, Netscape, HP, Arris, Netgear, GE, Activision, and more. My background includes illustration, animation, and video experience which complement each other well in today’s multimedia storytelling. As a long time technologist, my interests and work have evolved with the changing face of digital design and I have been able to provide my unique experience across a wide of projects.

I hold a BA degree in Computer and Video Imaging (CVI) from Cogswell College in Sunnyvale, CA, which was the first school in the country to provide a computer imaging and animation degree. I lived and and worked in the South Bay Area for most of the DotCom days and fell in love with the intersection of art, design, and technology. I am an avid sketcher and TabletPC doodler and love to work visually and plan out projects and designs that way. One of my creative outlets is a bi-weekly figure drawing group that my wife and I help facilitate. I believe drawing is an essential skill for all designers.

In 2004 we moved to Oregon. My wife, Nancy and I, have two sons and a collection of crazy Beagles and cats. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, walk the dogs, tend to my yard, play a video game or two, listen to music, watch a good flick with my wife, enjoy a good beer, read and keep up on the tech news, and tinker with old electronics and computers. I am a retro computer enthusiast and have a huge soft spot in my heart for vintage Commodore and Amiga computers. I am a homebrewer and love to study the finer points of craft beer, another amazing reason to live amongst the wonders of Beervana! I am vegan and I was previously vegetarian since my college days.

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