Adobe Max 2018


I spent the better part of the week down in Los Angeles for Adobe Max 2018. It was my second time going to Max and it was an overwhelming, inspirtional experience. In the ten years since I had been there last, it has transformed into this giant, juggernaut of a conference. It was a great experience and covered a host of things that are relevant to what I do. I'll follow up on this more and post some photos as time allows. Read more

Soft Rebooting the Site


I've decided to rework the site as I feel it had gotten too unweildly. I will be reworking my portfolio and projects as well as refocusing on this blog. I'll be moving a good chunk of the content to an archive or to one of my other sites. I'm still working through how I want to reorganize things, but my main focus will be on keeping this site simple and clean. Stay tuned as I move things around and shift over to a new framework, cms, and presentation layer. Read more

Archiving Old Site


I'm archiving and moving the exisitng site to an archive subdomain as a way to clear out the the v8 version of DpW and make way for the new site that will be based on a new framework, cms, and display layer. Things will be in flux while I work through what content to port back over to the new site. Part of this will start to usher in a small brand refresh as I whittle down my portfolio and presence to the more essential bits. I hope to move some of the related content to one of my other domains, but I'm still working through those decisions. Some links/assets in the archive are currently broken. I'll try to clean the archive paths to fix that as time allows. Stay tuned. Read more

New Surface Book with Performance Base Workstation


After debating about it for a while, I've decided to change to a new portable setup for my projects and work. While my Wacom Companion was a great device, it had a few downsides that made me look at the refreshed Surface line from Microsoft. I was hesitant about the upcoming Wacome Mobile Studio devices given Wacom's shakey record on quality control. After spending a couple evenings at the Microsoft store, I decided that the Surface Book refresh was a really interesting concept and decided to preorder the new Performance Base model. Read more

Launching new DAT brand


My colleague, Alex Epp and I, in conjunction with the rest of the marketing department at DAT, were proud to launch the new brand that coincided with moving to a new corporate headquarters. The work included a new corporate logomark, a new visual identity, new signage, and new treatments for both screen and video. This was our first phase of the new brand and we'll be expanding it in the upcoming year. Read more

Joining DAT


I'm joining the DAT team as a Senior Designer and will be focusing on website improvements, extending the brand, rebuilding the company's video standards, and revamping the use of video in tradeshows. Looking forward to it! Read more

Tinkering in the Lab


I've continued to tinker with my app development projects, getting myself familiarized with more aspects of the process. I'm working on a small game as a way to get myself up to speed on the app publishing process. I'm still working through the aspects of the game logic and haven't locked down final graphics, but I'm hoping to have something ready to submit in a month or so. It's been a good learning process to work through all the steps. Read more

Moving on from Prolifiq


Because of the changing situation at Prolifiq, I'm moving on to new opportunities. I appreciate the time I got to work with them and I'll be wishing them the best. Read more

Digital figure drawings on display at Catalyst in PDX


I’m displaying more of my digital figure drawings at Catalyst, located in inner-northeast Portland. I’ve added two new images and refined some of my prior drawings. I’m using a RaspberryPi to drive a flat panel display and showcase the work. I’m still working out where I’m heading with all this, so for now it’s a work-in-progress, as I get used to finishing more life drawings and format them for presentation. I’ve been drawing the figure from life more the last few years which has been helping my drawing skills overall as I slowly nudge myself back into more illustrative work. Read more

Scrounging together a makeshift Courier device


I got a really good deal on a nice little ASUS VivoTab Note M80TA-C1-BK 8” Tablet. I like it because it is a nice size, has Wacom support, and runs Win8.1 really well on the quad-core Baytrail SoC. It is my portable note taking, sketching, and light reading/browsing device. For now, it is holding me over, till Microsoft releases a proper Surface Mini, or if pigs fly, maybe a Courier device. Seriously, the Courier was my ideal form factor for a digital notebook. I added a Wacom Bamboo pen and a small, vegan leather portfolio case, so I can carry around notes, and my pen, similar to the way I would carry around my Moleskine notebook. It’s amazing how well windows 8.1 runs, and how fun it is to use. I wish the build quality was as good as my iPad, but it’s a great little device. Read more