Scrounging together a makeshift Courier device

I got a really good deal on a nice little ASUS VivoTab Note M80TA-C1-BK 8” Tablet. I like it because it is a nice size, has Wacom support, and runs Win8.1 really well on the quad-core Baytrail SoC. It is my portable note taking, sketching, and light reading/browsing device. For now, it is holding me over, till Microsoft releases a proper Surface Mini, or if pigs fly, maybe a Courier device. Seriously, the Courier was my ideal form factor for a digital notebook. I added a Wacom Bamboo pen and a small, vegan leather portfolio case, so I can carry around notes, and my pen, similar to the way I would carry around my Moleskine notebook. It’s amazing how well windows 8.1 runs, and how fun it is to use. I wish the build quality was as good as my iPad, but it’s a great little device.

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