Soft Rebooting the Site

I've decided to rework the site as I feel it had gotten too unweildly. I will be reworking my portfolio and projects as well as refocusing on this blog. I'll be moving a good chunk of the content to an archive or to one of my other sites. I'm still working through how I want to reorganize things, but my main focus will be on keeping this site simple and clean. Stay tuned as I move things around and shift over to a new framework, cms, and presentation layer ...

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Archiving Old Site

I'm archiving and moving the exisitng site to an archive subdomain as a way to clear out the the v8 version of DpW and make way for the new site that will be based on a new framework, cms, and display layer. Things will be in flux while I work through what content to port back over to the new site. Part of this will start to usher in a small brand refresh as I whittle down my portfolio and presence to the more essential bits. I hope to move some of the related content to one of my other domains, but I'm still working through those decisions. Some links/assets in the archive are currently broken. I'll try to clean the archive paths to fix that as time allows. Stay tuned ...

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Version 6 Design Refresh

Although it's a work-in-progress, I'm slowly rolling out the new v6 site design. In addition to this I'll be updating the site framework as I develop new content ...

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New site framework

Just a small note to say that I've rebooted the existing design into a new PHP framework and content management system. I'll be refreshing the design at some point soon. I'm really happy with the new framework - it's essentially a PHP derivative of a Ruby on Rails system, so it's very fun to develop with ...

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Rebranding as

After nearly as decade as, I'm rebranding my personal site and portfolio as Moving forward this will be my professional site and will serve as a container for my portfolio, resume, and other work-related items ...

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