Adobe Creative Cloud Event @ Portland, Oregon


I made a point to attend the Adobe Creative Cloud event in Portland at the wonderfully hip EcoTrust auditorium in the Pearl District near downtown. I try to make events sponsored by the various Portland Adobe User Groups when I can. This time, I was curious to see more of the new work-flows and approaches that Adobe is promoting in the Creative Cloud 2014 release. In particular, I wanted to see if they were addressing some of of the gaps that have appeared with the demise of staple tools Like Fireworks CS6. While there wasn’t a lot of specifics regarding the tools gap, they did demonstrate a number of things that differed from the Adobe keynote last month. Read more

Joining Prolifiq as part of their UX Team


I’ve accepted a new position with Prolifiq Software and will be joining them as a UI designer on their UX team. I’ll be tackling both Web and Mobile UI design and helping to flesh out the standards and practices of their fledgling UX team. The company is a dynamic, growing startup with an expanding product line so I’m sure they’ll keep me busy. Read more

New Wacom Cintiq Companion Workstation


Prolifiq operates differently than some other tech companies I have worked for. They give you credits toward purchasing your own computer workstation. In my case, I decided to get a new Wacom Cintiq Companion 1 as my primary work computer. I'm outfitting it with a Dell Ultrasharp UW2913 monitor, and an external keyboard, mouse, and a Wacom Intuous 3 ultrawide tablet. I'm finding this to be a very competant productivity machine. I have a good portable Cintiq-like tablet with a HD display, and then when I'm docked at my desk, I have a secondary wacom tablet with a large external display to spread out on. The device has touch and is relatively fast for my design needs, primarily tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, but also tools like Mischief for quick concept sketching. Read more

Saying farewall to Thug


After roughly six years, I've had to move on and say farewell to Thug. I appreciate the years I had there and genuinely appreciated the range and diversity of projects I got to tackle. I found the range of work kept me agile and always striving towards new skills. I wish them the best. Read more

AEPDX + 3DPDX - User Group Meeting - June 2013

Conferences 1

I went to the June AEPDX/3DPDX user group meeting in Portland recently. It was a good chance for some folks from Adobe and Maxon to show off the latest features of After Effects CC and Cinema4d Lite via the Cinemaware plugin. I have to say the new features are definitely pushing the product in the right direction. I think the tighter integration with Cinema4d is a good thing and will be looking to see how it evolves. The improvements to the warp stabilizer, including the new reverse stabilize feature is insanely great. I’ll be looking to do some some tests over the summer with that. It will take a while to delve into all the new goodies, but I think they will fill out my tool belt nicely as well as improve my workflow. Read more

Webvisions 2013 - Portland, OR


I went to Webvisions PDX 2013 this year. This is the third year in a row I’ve been to Webvisions at the Portland Convention Center. It’s a good show but you can tell it’s struggling a bit to find it’s comfort zone. I usually attend the Web-related workshops and sessions. This year I did two workshops on CSS3 UI Design and CSS3 Animation. I really found Rachel Nabor’s CSS3 Workshop and session to be pretty enlightening but also got me thinking about ways in which to apply this fairly bleeding edge tech. The obvious downsides to CSS3 animation is that there are very few tools to animate with so it’s mostly code driven, which for longer animations can be awkward. However the trend is obvious that Flash as a Web animation tool is in decline. That said, many of these techniques work well in small doses – but for the most part you need to set up triggers and timing with JQuery (at least in the short term). Read more

Version 6 Design Refresh


Although it's a work-in-progress, I'm slowly rolling out the new v6 site design. In addition to this I'll be updating the site framework as I develop new content. Read more

Webvisions 2012 - Portland, OR


There were some good sessions at Webvisions 2012 this year in Portland, OR. I had a busy schedule, so I was not able to attend the full second day. The highlights for me this year were the HTML5 game design workshop using ImpactJS and the ILM talk with Jeff White. I really liked seeing the visual progression of the Avengers and how large of a data flow multiple teams were working on. Read more