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Day 1 of Adobe Max 2008

Adobe Max 2008 is great! I am definitely digging the scope of this and the keynote was simply awesome! Was really good to hear some of the vision behind the Flash platform and how Adobe technology will be key for building new interactive experiences. I saw a lot of their material poised Flash to address some of the particular shortfalls that critics say that MS Silverlight provides. Also some of the tech demos dovetail into some of the work that I have been working on with various clients over the past few years. Very cool and definitely validating ...

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Joining the Thug team in PDX

I'm excited to announce that I will be joining the Thug Interactive team in Portland as a Senior Designer and will be focusing on Interactive, UI/UX, and video projects ...

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Leaving Intel

After several productive years with Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon, the entire internal Design + UX team was let go. I'll be moving on and freelancing with several Portland-based design and interactive agencies ...

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Rebranding as

After nearly as decade as, I'm rebranding my personal site and portfolio as Moving forward this will be my professional site and will serve as a container for my portfolio, resume, and other work-related items ...

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