New site framework


Just a small note to say that I've rebooted the existing design into a new PHP framework and content management system. I'll be refreshing the design at some point soon. I'm really happy with the new framework - it's essentially a PHP derivative of a Ruby on Rails system, so it's very fun to develop with. Read more

UIE Roadshow 2009: Secrets Behind Designing Great User Experiences - Portland, OR


The Thug team and I attended the UIE Roadshow session in Portland this year. Being a UX type group of designers and new media thinkers we thought it would be right up our alley. And it was, but I couldn't help but feel like I already knew a large number of the concepts discussed. Unfortunately, I had to cut out a bit early to make it back for a client meeting, but it was great to spend most of the day at the session and workshop. We also all went out for some tasty Chinese food for lunch. Read more

Day 3 of Adobe Max 2008


Some of my favorite sessions over the past few days have been Von Glitschka’s illustrator/photoshop session and hearing about the evolution of a brand with the Toki Doki founder. All in all, this has been a great experience and really helps focus my energy for the coming year. Read more

Day 2 of Adobe Max 2008


The day 2 presentation was great and it was fun to see some of the lighter applications of the Flash technology including running a C++ app inside of Flash. Read more

Day 1 of Adobe Max 2008

Conferences 1

Adobe Max 2008 is great! I am definitely digging the scope of this and the keynote was simply awesome! Was really good to hear some of the vision behind the Flash platform and how Adobe technology will be key for building new interactive experiences. I saw a lot of their material poised Flash to address some of the particular shortfalls that critics say that MS Silverlight provides. Read more

Arived in SFO for Adobe Max 2008!


I arrived in SF this afternoon and took a shuttle over to the hotel downtown. Walked over to the conference center to pre-register and pick up my event materials. Moscone is decked out and looking impressive with huge banner and a sleek theme this year. Afterwards, I walked a few blocks more to meet up with my Dad and Ruth for dinner. I am looking forward to the start of the conference and the keynote on Monday! Read more

Joining the Thug team in PDX


I'm excited to announce that I will be joining the Thug Interactive team in Portland as a Senior Designer and will be focusing on Interactive, UI/UX, and video projects. Read more

Leaving Intel


After several producgtive years with Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon, the entire internal Design + UX team was let go. I'll be moving on and freelancing with several Portland-based design and interactive agencies. Read more

Rebranding as


After nearly as decade as, I'm rebranding my personal site and portfolio as Moving forward this will be my professional site and will serve as a container for my portfolio, resume, and other work-related items. Read more